Scientific Glass Gallery

I proffer my experience, knowledge and skills to serve your potential requirements in these areas:-                                                                                      MaltTestAppatatusWeb1505

My expertise draws upon 52 years’ of experience in scientific glassblowing:

  • design / manufacture
  • modification and repair
  • safety & staff training

of all categories of

  • academic / industrial
  • laboratory / manufacturing
  • pharmaceutical and process glass apparatus and equipment.


Y-OlfactometerI offer to all customers a service to deliver custom-made glassware at competitive prices within a short timescale that  

  • will benefit your academic and technical staff in their work.
  • I will design and make artistic glass to grace your special space or    
  • for you to give to a loved-one / colleague to express their character.


I have a superb record in setting up glass workshops and training beginners and intermediate skills up to the top of their trade.

I am willing to travel Worldwide for short to medium term contracts